New Valley Lodge Album "Shadows in Paradise" OUT NOW!
Posted on 20th June 2024
shadows Sorry for the lack of news but we're back! Back, I tell ya! Our new album Shadows in Paradise was released April 19 on Tee Pee Records. You can stream it wherever you get music. Physical copies in futuristic CD and (hopefully) vinyl coming soon. My friend Greg says this is our best album yet and I hope you'll agree! Oh and don't forget to follow us on Instagram at @valleylodgeband! Yeah! Rock, Dave Hill
New Valley Lodge Album FOG MACHINE Out TODAY on Tee Pee Records!
Posted on 19th October 2018
ValleyLodgeFogMachinesmallCancel all your other plans and give the finger to the mayor (or other authority figure of your choice)- the brand new Valley Lodge album Fog Machine is out TODAY on Tee Pee Records! Get it in the futuristic CD format here or download it on iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, and wherever else the album of the year is sold! Complete the look with a brand new Valley Lodge T-shirt!. We're playing a bunch of live shows soon so come on out and see and us and let us stay at your house and stuff.

Into the night!
Valley Lodge

"Come Back to Bed" Debuts on Popmatters!
Posted on 9th October 2018
VLshots "Come Back to Bed" from our forthcoming album Fog Machine debuted on Popmatters this week. Check it out along with an interview with Dave here. Then maybe get a snack or something. It's up to you really.
Great Review of FOG MACHINE on Power Pop News
Posted on 3rd October 2018

fogThanks to Power Pop News for a lovely review of our new album Fog Machine, out October 19th on the excellent Tee Pee Records. Read their glowing review here and pre-order our sweet ass new album here. Okay, now get out there and have an unstoppable day!

New Valley Lodge Album "Fog Machine" Out October 19 on Tee Pee Records!
Posted on 28th August 2018

ValleyLodgeFogMachinesmallWe are excited to point of incontinence to announce that our fourth album, Fog Machine, will be unleashed on an unsuspecting public on October 19th via the excellent Tee Pee Records.

This album has 14 new songs and all of them are incredible. This will be the album of the fall of 2018, winter of 2019, spring 2019, summer 2019, fall of 2019, and then all the seasons after that until the end of time. You can pre-order it in the popular CD format here or on iTunes here.

We will be playing lots of live shows and whatnot too. There will be new T-shirts, exfoliants, and God knows what else too.

Valley Lodge

Dave Demos the New EQD Pyramids Flanger and It's Great for Everybody
Posted on 4th June 2018

Recently, Dave had the pleasure of meeting at an undisclosed location to test out the new Earthquaker Devices Pyramids flanger pedal before almost anyone else on earth knew it even existed. You can watch the whole thing about, including a cameo from the great Matt Sweeney, above. Also, Dave has his very own artist page on the EQD site now. Take that, everyone from high school!

Dave Hill

New Single "Stars Won't Fall" with B-side "It's Alright" Out Today!
Posted on 25th May 2018
a4278527393_16Isn't rock the best?! Anyway, we have another new single out for your listening pleasure. This one is called "Stars Won't Fall" and it comes with the shiny new b-side "It's Alright." You can get them on iTunes or wherever digital music is sold (pretty much, you know, within reason). We hope you enjoy the new jams so much. Full album is done and coming soon! Take that, Cardi B!

Yours in hot rock,
Valley Lodge

Our New Single "Stand" with B-side "Come Back to Bed Out April 13 (Available for Pre-order now!)!!!
Posted on 6th April 2018
a1440786255_16As hinted at in the subject line, our new single "Stand" with red-hot B-side "Come Back to Bed" will be unleashed on an unsuspecting public on Friday, April 13. You can hear a sample and pre-order it now and everything on iTunes right here. These two songs will be all you will need for you soundtrack to summer 2018. That said, we will be releasing another single and B-side in May. Full album out later this year. So there.

The men of Valley Lodge

Welcome to Our Incredible New Website on the Internet!
Posted on 5th July 2016

valley lodge photo bald spot removedAs rumored in the headline, this our new website. We are pretty sure most people won't even be able to handle it. Anyway, we will be making sexy changes and improvements as we go, but as you can see, it's already easily one of the top nine or ten websites on the Internet today. We hope you like it so much.


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